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I-Nexus Global PLC (INX)
I3 Energy PLC (I3E)
Ibstock PLC (IBST)
Icg Enterprise Trust PLC (ICGT)
Icg-Longbow Senior Secured Uk Property Debt Investments Limited (LBOW)
Ide Group Holdings PLC (IDE)
Ideagen PLC (IDEA)
Ienergizer LD (IBPO)
Ifg Group PLC (IFP)
Ig Design Group PLC (IGR)
Ig Group Holdings PLC (IGG)
Igas Energy PLC (IGAS)
Ilika PLC (IKA)
Image Scan Holdings PLC (IGE)
Imimobile PLC (IMO)
Immedia Group PLC (IME)
Immotion Group PLC (IMMO)
Immunodiagnostic Systems Holdings PLC (IDH)
Immupharma PLC (IMM)
Impact Healthcare Reit PLC (IHR)
Impax Asset Management Group PLC (IPX)
Impax Environmental Markets PLC (IEM)
Impellam Group PLC (IPEL)
Imperial Brands PLC (IMB)
Inchcape PLC (INCH)
Income & Growth VCT (The) PLC (IGV)
Independent Investment Trust PLC (IIT)
Independent News & Media PLC (INM)
Independent Oil & Gas PLC (IOG)
India Capital Growth Fund Limited (IGC)
Indigovision Group PLC (IND)
Indivior PLC (INDV)
Induction Healthcare Group PLC (INHC)
Indus Gas Limited (INDI)
Informa PLC (INF)
Infrastrata PLC (INFA)
Infrastructure India PLC (IIP)
Ingenta PLC (ING)
Inland Homes PLC (INL)
Inmarsat PLC (ISAT)
Innovaderma PLC (IDP)
Inspiration Healthcare Group PLC (IHC)
Inspired Energy PLC (INSE)
Inspirit Energy Holdings PLC (INSP)
Instem PLC (INS)
Integrafin Holdings PLC (IHP)
Integrated Diagnostics Holdings PLC (IDHC)
Integumen PLC (SKIN)
Intelligent Ultrasound Group PLC (MED)
Intercede Group PLC (IGP)
Intercontinental Hotels Group PLC (IHG)
Intermediate Capital Group PLC (ICP)
International Biotechnology Trust PLC (IBT)
International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)
International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A. (IAG)
International Personal Finance PLC (IPF)
International Public Partnerships LD (INPP)
Intertek Group PLC (ITRK)
Intosol Holdings PLC (INTO)
Intu Properties PLC (INTU)
Invesco Asia Trust PLC (IAT)
Invesco Enhanced Income Limited (IPE)
Invesco Income Growth Trust PLC (IVI)
Invesco Perpetual Select Trust PLC (IVPB)
Invesco Perpetual Select Trust PLC (IVPG)
Invesco Perpetual Select Trust PLC (IVPM)
Invesco Perpetual Select Trust PLC (IVPU)
Invesco Perpetual Uk Smaller Companies Investment Trust PLC (IPU)
Investec Investment Trust PLC (46HA)
Investec Investment Trust PLC (47HA)
Investec PLC (INVP)
Investment Company PLC (INV)
Iofina PLC (IOF)
Iomart Group PLC (IOM)
Ip Group PLC (IPO)
Iq-Ai Limited (IQAI)
Iqgeo Group PLC (IQG)
Irf European Finance Investments Ltd (IRF)
Irish Continental Group PLC (ICGC)
Ironridge Resources Limited (IRR)
Ironveld PLC (IRON)
Itaconix PLC (ITX)
Ite Group PLC (ITE)
Itm Power PLC (ITM)
Ixico PLC (IXI)