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Oakley Capital Investments Limited (OCI)
Ocado Group PLC (OCDO)
Ocean Outdoor Limited (OOUT)
Ocean Wilsons (Holdings) LD (OCN)
Octagonal PLC (OCT)
Octopus Aim VCT 2 PLC (OSEC)
Octopus Aim VCT PLC (OOA)
Octopus Apollo VCT PLC (OAP3)
Octopus Titan VCT PLC (OTV2)
Odyssean Investment Trust PLC (OIT)
Oilex LD (OEX)
Okyo Pharma Limited (OKYO)
Old Mutual Limited (OMU)
Oleeo PLC (OLEE)
Omega Diagnostics Group PLC (ODX)
On The Beach Group PLC (OTB)
Oncimmune Holdings PLC (ONC)
One Media Ip Group PLC (OMIP)
Onesavings Bank PLC (OSB)
Online Blockchain PLC (OBC)
Onthemarket PLC (OTMP)
Opg Power Ventures PLC (OPG)
Optibiotix Health PLC (OPTI)
Oracle Power PLC (ORCP)
Orchard Funding Group PLC (ORCH)
Orient Telecoms PLC (ORNT)
Origin Enterprises PLC (OGN)
Origo Partners PLC (OPP)
Origo Partners PLC (OPPP)
Oriole Resources PLC (ORR)
Ormonde Mining PLC (ORM)
Orosur Mining Inc (OMI)
Oryx International Growth Fund Ltd (OIG)
Osirium Technologies PLC (OSI)
Ovoca Bio PLC (OVB)
Oxford Biodynamics PLC (OBD)
Oxford Biomedica PLC (OXB)
Oxford Instruments PLC (OXIG)
Oxford Metrics PLC (OMG)
Oxford Technology 2 Venture Capital Trust PLC (OXH)
Oxford Technology 3 Venture Capital Trust PLC (OTT)
Oxford Technology 4 Venture Capital Trust PLC (OXF)
Oxford Technology Venture Capital Trust PLC (OXT)