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Aa PLC (AA.)
Ab Dynamics PLC (ABDP)
Abal Group PLC (ABAL)
Abbey PLC (ABBY)
Abcam PLC (ABC)
Aberdeen Asian Income Fund Ltd (AAIF)
Aberdeen Diversified Income And Growth Trust PLC (ADIG)
Aberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Company Limited (AEMC)
Aberdeen Frontier Markets Investment Company Limited (AFMC)
Aberdeen Japan Investment Trust PLC (AJIT)
Aberdeen Latin American Income Fund Limited (ALAI)
Aberdeen New Dawn Investment Trust PLC (ABD)
Aberdeen New India Investment Trust PLC (ANII)
Aberdeen New Thai Investment Trust PLC (ANW)
Aberdeen Smaller Companies Income Trust PLC (ASCI)
Aberdeen Standard Asia Focus PLC (AAS)
Aberdeen Standard Equity Income Trust PLC (ASEI)
Aberdeen Standard European Logistics Income PLC (ASLI)
Aberforth Smaller Companies Trust PLC (ASL)
Aberforth Split Level Income Trust PLC (ASIT)
Aberforth Split Level Income Trust PLC (ASIZ)
Acacia Mining PLC (ACA)
Access Intelligence PLC (ACC)
Accesso Technology Group PLC (ACSO)
Accrol Group Holdings PLC (ACRL)
Accsys Technologies PLC (AXS)
Acorn Income Fund LD (AIF)
Acorn Income Fund LD (AIFZ)
Active Energy Group PLC (AEG)
Actual Experience PLC (ACT)
Adamas Finance Asia Limited (ADAM)
Adams PLC (ADA)
Adept Technology Group PLC (ADT)
Adept4 PLC (AD4)
Ades International Holding PLC (ADES)
Admiral Group PLC (ADM)
Advanced Medical Solutions Group PLC (AMS)
Advanced Oncotherapy PLC (AVO)
Advfn PLC (AFN)
Aeci LD (87FZ)
Aeorema Communications PLC (AEO)
Aew Uk Long Lease Reit PLC (AEWL)
Aew Uk Reit PLC (AEWU)
Afarak Group PLC (AFRK)
Afc Energy PLC (AFC)
Afh Financial Group PLC (AFHP)
Afi Development PLC (AFRB)
Africa Opportunity Fund Limited (AOF)
African Battery Metals PLC (ABM)
Afritin Mining Limited (ATM)
Aggregated Micro Power Holdings PLC (AMPH)
Aggreko PLC (AGK)
Agriterra LD (AGTA)
Agronomics Limited (ANIC)
Aib Group PLC (AIBG)
Aiq Limited (AIQ)
Air China LD (AIRC)
Air Partner PLC (AIR)
Airea PLC (AIEA)
Aj Bell PLC (AJB)
Alba Mineral Resources PLC (ALBA)
Albert Technologies Ltd (ALB)
Albion Development VCT PLC (AADV)
Albion Enterprise VCT PLC (AAEV)
Albion Technology & General VCT PLC (AATG)
Albion Venture Capital TST PLC (AAVC)
Alcentra European Floating Rate Income Fund Limited (AEFS)
Alexander Mining PLC (AXM)
Alfa Financial Software Holdings PLC (ALFA)
Alien Metals Limited (UFO)
All Asia Asset Capital Limited (AAA)
Allergy Therapeutics PLC (AGY)
Alliance Pharma PLC (APH)
Alliance Trust PLC (ATST)
Allianz Technology Trust PLC (ATT)
Allied Minds PLC (ALM)
Alpha Financial Markets Consulting PLC (AFM)
Alpha FX Group PLC (AFX)
Alpha Growth PLC (ALGW)
Alpha Real Trust Limited (ARTL)
Alternative Liquidity Fund Limited (ALF)
Altitude Group PLC (ALT)
Altus Strategies PLC (ALS)
Altyn PLC (ALTN)
Alumasc Group PLC (ALU)
Amati Aim VCT PLC (AMAT)
Amedeo Air Four Plus Limited (AA4)
Amerisur Resources PLC (AMER)
Amiad Water Systems Ltd (AFS)
Amigo Holdings PLC (AMGO)
Aminex PLC (AEX)
Amino Technologies PLC (AMO)
Amphion Innovations PLC (AMP)
Amryt Pharma PLC (AMYT)
Amur Minerals Corporation (AMC)
Andalas Energy And Power PLC (ADL)
Andrews Sykes Group PLC (ASY)
Anexo Group PLC (ANX)
Angle PLC (AGL)
Anglesey Mining PLC (AYM)
Angling Direct PLC (ANG)
Anglo African Agriculture PLC (AAAP)
Anglo African Oil & Gas PLC (AAOG)
Anglo American PLC (AAL)
Anglo Asian Mining PLC (AAZ)
Anglo Pacific Group PLC (APF)
Anglo-Eastern Plantations PLC (AEP)
Angus Energy PLC (ANGS)
Animalcare Group PLC (ANCR)
Anpario PLC (ANP)
Antofagasta PLC (70GD)
Antofagasta PLC (ANTO)
Ao World PLC (AO.)
Aortech International PLC (AOR)
Apax Global Alpha Limited (APAX)
Apc Technology Group PLC (APC)
Applegreen PLC (APGN)
Applied Graphene Materials PLC (AGM)
Appscatter Group PLC (APPS)
Apq Global Limited (APQ)
Aptitude Software Group PLC (APTD)
Aquila Services Group PLC (AQSG)
Aquis Exchange PLC (AQX)
Arbuthnot Banking Group PLC (ARBB)
Arc Minerals Limited (ARCM)
Arcontech Group PLC (ARC)
Arden Partners PLC (ARDN)
Arena Events Group PLC (ARE)
Argo Blockchain PLC (ARB)
Argo Group Limited (ARGO)
Argos Resources Limited (ARG)
Ariana Resources PLC (AAU)
Arix Bioscience PLC (ARIX)
Arkle Resources PLC (ARK)
Armadale Capital PLC (ACP)
Arricano Real Estate PLC (ARO)
Arrow Global Group PLC (ARW)
Artemis Alpha Trust PLC (ATS)
Artemis VCT PLC (AAM)
Asa International Group PLC (ASAI)
Ascent Resources PLC (AST)
Ascential PLC (ASCL)
Aseana Properties Limited (ASPL)
Ashley (Laura) Holdings PLC (ALY)
Ashley House PLC (ASH)
Ashmore Global Opportunities Limited (AGOL)
Ashmore Global Opportunities Limited (AGOU)
Ashmore Group PLC (ASHM)
Ashoka India Equity Investment Trust PLC (AIE)
Ashpol PLC (BC24)
Ashtead Group PLC (AHT)
Asiamet Resources Limited (ARS)
Asos PLC (ASC)
Assetco PLC (ASTO)
Associated British Engineering PLC (ASBE)
Associated British Foods PLC (ABF)
Assura PLC (AGR)
Aston Martin Lagonda Global Holdings PLC (AML)
Astrazeneca PLC (AZN)
Atalaya Mining PLC (ATYM)
Athelney Trust PLC (ATY)
Atlantis Japan Growth Fund LD (AJG)
Atlas Mara Limited (ATMA)
Attraqt Group PLC (ATQT)
Auctus Growth PLC (AUCT)
Audioboom Group PLC (BOOM)
Augean PLC (AUG)
Augmentum Fintech PLC (AUGM)
Aukett Swanke Group PLC (AUK)
Aura Energy Limited (AURA)
Aurora Investment Trust PLC (ARR)
Autins Group PLC (AUTG)
Auto Trader Group PLC (AUTO)
Avacta Group PLC (AVCT)
Avanti Communications Group PLC (AVN)
Avast PLC (AVST)
Avation PLC (AVAP)
Avesoro Resources Inc. (ASO)
Aveva Group PLC (AVV)
Avi Global Trust PLC (AGT)
Avi Japan Opportunity Trust PLC (AJOT)
Avingtrans PLC (AVG)
Aviva PLC (AV.)
Aviva PLC (AV.A)
Aviva PLC (AV.B)
Avocet Mining PLC (AVM)
Avon Rubber PLC (AVON)
Axa Property Trust Limited (APT)
Axiom European Financial Debt Fund Limited (AXI)