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Aberdeen New India Investment Trust PLC, formerly New India Investment Trust PLC, is an investment trust. The Company's investment objective is to provide shareholders with long-term capital appreciation by investment in companies, which are incorporated in India, or which derive significant revenue or profit from India, with dividend yield from the Company being of secondary importance. The Company primarily invests in Indian equity securities. It may also invest in open-ended collective investment schemes and closed-end funds, which invest in India and are listed on the Indian stock exchanges. It invests not more than 15% of its gross assets in other listed investment companies. It invests in various sectors, such as information technology, energy, financials, consumer discretionary, consumer staples, healthcare, industrials and materials. Aberdeen Asset Management Asia Limited is the Company's investment manager.

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     Financial Services
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     FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE Small Cap, FTSE All-Share, FTSE All-Share
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     Great Britain
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Operation Breakdown
Geographical - by origin (turnover)
Product (turnover)


Activity Data Not Available

Company Information

Chairman: Hasan Askari  Non-Executive Director: Stephen White  Senior Independent Non-Executive Director: Rachel Beagles  Independent Non-Executive Director: Michael Hughes Rebecca Donaldson  

Composite Ranking: 57
Historic EPS Ranking: 48
Forecast EPS Ranking: 
Price Relative Strength: 31
Industry Strength: I
SMR Ranking: D
ROCE Ranking: F
Accumulation/Dist: B
Mkt Accumulation/Dist: C
Unbroken Annual EPS: E
Unbroken Interim EPS: C
PEG Current Ranking: A
PEG Forecast Ranking: A
PE Current Ranking: A
PE Forecast Ranking: A
Margin Current Ranking: D
Margin Forecast Ranking: D
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Operating Profit/(loss)£m(0.21)(0.23)(0.56)(0.17)(0.41)0.021.53£m0.000.00
Profit Before Tax£m(0.21)(0.23)(0.62)(0.17)(0.41)(0.20)1.23£m0.000.00
Profit After Tax£m(0.21)(0.23)(0.62)(0.17)(0.42)(0.21)1.00£m0.000.00
Profit After Tax (from discontinued operations)£m0.£m0.000.00
Overall Profit for the Period£m(0.21)(0.23)(0.62)(0.17)£m0.000.00
EPS Growth%
Earnings Per Sharep(0.36)(0.39)(1.06)(0.28)(0.71)(0.35)2.08p0.000.00
Op. Cash Flow P/Sp1.012.161.752.360.000.000.00£0.000.00
Cash Flow P/S Grth%(58.61)113.86(18.98)34.86(100.00)0.000.00%0.000.00
Net Cash Flow P/Sp0.£0.000.00
Capital Exp P/S££0.000.00
Tax Rate%
P/E Ratiox0.
P/E Growth££0.000.00
Turnover Per Share££0.000.00
Pre-Tax Profit / Share££0.000.00
Operating Margin%(56.65)(67.65)(151.35)(5.48)(12.35)0.5629.54%0.000.00
Mkt Cap£m132.32204.15182.16252.81248.72269.16183.91£m0.000.00
Dividend Per Sharep0.
DPS Growth%
Dividend Yield%
Dividend Coverx0.
Shareholder Funds£m155.68227.71213.87288.19289.44314.20241.58£m0.000.00
Net Borrowings£m(0.35)(2.02)(0.98)(3.42)(4.44)(4.23)(8.58)£m0.000.00
Net Assets£m155.68227.71213.87288.19289.44314.20241.58£m0.000.00
Net Assets P/S££0.000.00
Latest Forecast
Div Yield0.0%0.0%
Div Cover0.0%0.0%
Op Margin0.0%0.0%
Director Deals
Traded Action Notifier Price Amount Value
16-Feb-21BuyRebecca Donaldson559.12p4,471,324,998.25
11-Sep-17BuyMichael Hughes470.00p4,210,319,787
11-Sep-17BuyMichael Hughes470.00p 4,210£19,787
19-Sep-16BuyMichael Hughes386.50p 3,905£15,092.83
19-Mar-14BuyStephen White212.50p12,500£26,562.50
05-Feb-14BuyRachel Beagles199.50p10,000£19,950
22-Aug-13BuySarah Bates185.67p269£499.44
22-Jul-13BuySarah Bates228.00p218£497.04
24-Jun-13BuySarah Bates211.77p235£497.65
22-May-13BuySarah Bates242.88p205£497.90
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58m    Major: 73%    Director: 0%
Notifier Holding Value
Stephen White12,500A,875
Rachel Beagles10,0004,700
Michael Hughes8,115*,766.05
Rebecca Donaldson4,471,562.17
Hasan Askari4,300,661
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Gearing & Cover
News Title Date Time Source
Transaction in Own Shares29-May-2017:03RNS
Gearing disclosure26-May-2014:52RNS
Gearing disclosure18-May-2012:27RNS
Portfolio disclosure14-May-2014:29RNS
Gearing disclosure11-May-2014:33RNS
Gearing disclosure04-May-2017:29RNS
Compliance with Market Abuse Regulation04-May-2007:00RNS
Total Voting Rights01-May-2009:13RNS
Director Declaration29-Apr-2013:43RNS
Disclosure of Rights Attaching to Equity Shares28-Apr-2014:41RNS
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Broker Opinion
Date Broker Name Rec Price Old Price Target New Price Target Broker Change

No data

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