Afarak Group PLC Fundamentals Datasheet and Stock Analysis


Afarak Group Plc, formerly Ruukki Group Oyj, is a Finland-based company active in the steel sector. The Company’s business comprises two production divisions, FerroAlloys and Speciality Alloys, and a sales and marketing operation, RSC Limited. The FerroAlloys business consists of the Stellite mine, the alloy processing plant Mogale and the Mecklemburg development project in South Africa and the Waylox mine development project in Zimbabwe. The business produces chrome ore, Charge Chrome, Silico Manganese and Stainless Steel Alloy and exports chrome ore directly to global markets, particularly to China. The Spieciality Alloys business consists of the TMS mining and beneficiation operation in Turkey and the EWW, chromite concentrate processing plant in Germany. TMS supplies EWW with chromite concentrate which is used in Specialised Low Carbon and Ultralow Carbon Ferrochrome. Surplus chrome ore is exported from TMS mainly to China. The Company operates a number of subsidiaries worldwide.

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Company Information

CEO: Guy Konsbruck  Chairman: Thorstein Abrahamsen  Independent Non-Executive Director: Jelena Manojlovic  

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Operating Profit/(loss)€m(12.03)(5.69)5.03423.89(1.13)8.33(11.40)(8.18)(14.74)
Profit Before Tax€m19.59(11.13)0.466.52(3.14)4.24(18.54)(5.76)(19.00)
Profit After Tax€m(16.63)(4.40)0.477.76(2.80)5.19(18.58)(6.07)(17.87)
Profit After Tax (from discontinued operations)€m0.000.001.770.781.861.520.00(52.81)6.07
Overall Profit for the Period€m(16.63)(4.40)2.248.54(0.94)6.71(18.58)(58.88)(11.80)
EPS Growth%
Earnings Per Share¢(6.00)(2.00)1.000.03(0.23)1.00(7.00)(23.00)(5.00)
Op. Cash Flow P/S¢0.420.
Cash Flow P/S Grth%0.00(85.71)(66.67)150.00(20.00)(75.00)
Net Cash Flow P/S¢
Capital Exp P/S0.
Tax Rate%
P/E Ratiox0.000.0028.601,246.600.0083.700.000.000.00
P/E Growth0.
Turnover Per Share49.540.
Pre-Tax Profit / Share7.550.
Operating Margin%0.00(4.20)2.91225.82(0.74)4.19(5.88)(8.36)(24.65)
Mkt Cap€m91.4178.9166.4285.49138.62182.73182.7394.5250.41
Dividend Per Share¢
DPS Growth%
Dividend Yield%
Dividend Coverx0.
Shareholder Funds€m203.40184.96177.30167.36172.03171.40150.4867.3135.76
Net Borrowings€m(14.16)(13.77)(13.33)(19.64)(9.65)(10.70)(12.13)(5.39)(1.10)
Net Assets€m210.57190.33182.24171.21176.19172.37150.8574.5439.84
Net Assets P/S0.
Latest Forecast
Div Yield0.0%0.0%
Div Cover0.0%0.0%
Op Margin-24.7%0.0%
Director Deals
Traded Action Notifier Price Amount Value
04-Nov-13BuyMichael Lillja30.47p71£21.63
12-Jul-12SellPhilip M Baum55.00p150,000£82,500
22-Dec-11SellMarkku Kankaala76.28984ˮ.55
08-Dec-11SellMarkku Kankaala76.83400,000ij,298.34
07-Dec-11SellMarkku Kankaala78.9613,500 ,659.38
26-Sep-11BuyMarkku Kankaala79.121,067͌.21
23-Sep-11BuyMarkku Kankaala75.121,000˯.22
22-Sep-11BuyMarkku Kankaala75.461,000˲.62
17-Jun-11SellMarkku Kankaala123.71500,000ɪ,538.45
18-May-11SellMarkku Kankaala141.01200,000Ě,012.89
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252m    Major: 142%    Director: 0%
Notifier Holding Value
Jelena Manojlovic150,000Ĭ
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Gearing & Cover