Albion Development VCT PLC Fundamentals Datasheet and Stock Analysis


Albion Development VCT PLC is a United Kingdom-based venture capital trust. The Company's investment policy is intended to provide investors with a regular and predictable source of dividend income combined with the prospects of long-term capital growth. This is achieved by establishing a portfolio of holdings in smaller, unquoted companies whilst at the same time selecting and structuring investments in such a way as to manage and mitigate the risks normally associated with investment in such companies. The Company invests in a range of sectors, including information technology (IT)/software; cash and cash equivalents; pubs and other leisure; health and fitness clubs; education; renewable energy; healthcare; travel and retail; business services, and support services. Albion Ventures LLP is the manager of the Company.

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     Financial Services
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     Great Britain
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     British Pound
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Operation Breakdown
Geographical - by origin (turnover)
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Company Information

Chairman: Geoffrey O Vero  Non-Executive Director: Patrick Reeve, Brendan W Larkin Lyn Goleby  

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     Capita Registrars
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     12 Appold Street, London
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Operating Profit/(loss)£m0.790.520.540.610.440.660.920.670.20
Profit Before Tax£m0.790.450.540.610.440.660.920.670.20
Profit After Tax£m0.700.450.420.480.380.550.770.550.17
Profit After Tax (from discontinued operations)£m0.
Overall Profit for the Period£m0.
EPS Growth%(38.46)(37.50)(6.67)7.14(26.67)(9.09)50.00(40.00)(77.78)
Earnings Per Sharep2.401.501.401.501.101.001.500.900.20
Op. Cash Flow P/Sp2.800.270.390.42(1.83)(1.50)(1.63)0.97(1.51)
Cash Flow P/S Grth%25.56(90.36)44.447.690.
Net Cash Flow P/Sp0.
Capital Exp P/S£
Tax Rate%
P/E Ratiox27.1043.3045.4045.3063.2070.0045.7073.30342.50
P/E Growth£
Turnover Per Share£2.872.223.432.470.
Pre-Tax Profit / Share£
Operating Margin%
Mkt Cap£m0.000.0047.5050.4752.1052.4751.3549.4851.35
Dividend Per Sharep4.
DPS Growth%(66.67)100.00(37.50)
Dividend Yield%6.2012.307.907.407.207.107.307.605.80
Dividend Coverx0.600.190.280.310.220.210.310.180.05
Shareholder Funds£m23.5322.0222.9123.8625.1734.4438.9044.0953.35
Net Borrowings£m0.000.00(5.73)(6.31)(4.33)(4.64)(6.97)(10.15)(10.96)
Net Assets£m23.5322.0222.9123.8625.1734.4438.9044.0953.35
Net Assets P/S£
Latest Forecast
Div Yield5.2%0.0%
Div Cover0.1%0.0%
Op Margin29.0%0.0%
Director Deals
Traded Action Notifier Price Amount Value
28-Sep-18Buy DividendsBrendan W Larkin78.90p3,723,632,937.45
28-Sep-18Buy DividendsPatrick Reeve78.90p2,951,632,328.34
31-May-18Buy DividendsBrendan W Larkin76.20p3,755,632,861.31
31-May-18Buy DividendsPatrick Reeve76.20p2,977,632,268.47
31-May-18Buy DividendsBrendan W Larkin76.20p3,755£2,861.31
31-May-18Buy DividendsPatrick Reeve76.20p2,977£2,268.47
17-Nov-17BuyBrendan W Larkin73.20p68,306,349,999.99
17-Nov-17BuyPatrick Reeve73.20p13,661,639,999.85
17-Nov-17BuyBrendan W Larkin73.20p 68,306£49,999.99
17-Nov-17BuyPatrick Reeve73.20p 13,661£9,999.85
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37.58m    Major: %    Director: 1%
Notifier Holding Value
Brendan W Larkin150,567£1,219.59
Patrick Reeve116,384£942.71
Geoffrey O Vero41,394£335.29
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Gearing & Cover