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Alliance Trust PLC is a United Kingdom-based investment company. The Company's objective is to be a core investment for investors seeking increasing value over the long term. The Company has no fixed asset allocation benchmark and it invests in a range of asset classes throughout the world to achieve its objective. The Company's focus is to generate a real return for shareholders over the medium to long term by a combination of capital growth and a rising dividend. The Company pursues its objective by investing in both quoted and unquoted equities across the globe in different sectors and industries; investing internationally in fixed income securities; investing in other asset classes and financial instruments, either directly or through investment vehicles, and investing in subsidiaries and associated businesses. Alliance Trust Investments Limited serves as an investment manager for the Company.

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  • Industry:
  • Sector:
     Financial Services
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  • Market Sector:
  • Main Indices:
     FTSE 250, FTSE-350, FTSE All-Share, FTSE All-Share
  • Country of register:
     Great Britain
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Operation Breakdown
Geographical - by origin (turnover)
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Company Information

Chairman: Smith of Kelvin  Non-Executive Director: Christopher Samuel Anthony L Brooke  Deputy Chairman: Gregor Stewart  Senior Independent Non-Executive Director: Karl Sternberg  Independent Non-Executive Director: Clare Dobie  Company Secretary: Lisa Brown  

  • Registrars:
     Computershare Investor Services PLC
  • Address:
     8 West Marketgait, Dundee,London,United Kingdom
  • Phone:
     +44 (0)1382 321 000
  • Website:
Composite Ranking: 68
Historic EPS Ranking: 32
Forecast EPS Ranking: 2
Price Relative Strength: 
Industry Strength: A
SMR Ranking: D
ROCE Ranking: E
Accumulation/Dist: C
Mkt Accumulation/Dist: C
Unbroken Annual EPS: C
Unbroken Interim EPS: D
PEG Current Ranking: H
PEG Forecast Ranking: A
PE Current Ranking: H
PE Forecast Ranking: A
Margin Current Ranking: A
Margin Forecast Ranking: D
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Operating Profit/(loss)£m67.1963.8364.0369.8776.0669.9376.8251.72£m0.00
Profit Before Tax£m58.4658.5353.3566.8172.4965.9574.2449.63£m0.00
Profit After Tax£m55.8954.0949.1060.7068.8260.5965.8748.46£m0.00
Profit After Tax (from discontinued operations)£m0.£m0.00
Overall Profit for the Period£m55.890.0049.1060.7168.8260.5965.8748.46£m0.00
EPS Growth%18.788.32(11.60)25.55150,800.74(99.93)15.680.63%(100.00)
Earnings Per Sharep9.748.208.6110.8116,312.3711.0312.7612.84p0.00
Op. Cash Flow P/Sp21.1414.420.42(1.83)(1.50)(1.63)0.97(1.51)£0.00
Cash Flow P/S Grth%46.60(6.30)(98.01)
Net Cash Flow P/Sp0.£0.00
Capital Exp P/S££0.00
Tax Rate%
P/E Ratiox35.2044.4043.9041.3038.4046.8050.0058.00x0.00
P/E Growth£1.905.500.000.002.700.003.2082.40£0.00
Turnover Per Share£20.6618.4219.020.000.0020.8616.440.00£0.00
Pre-Tax Profit / Share£11.5410.589.640.000.0012.0214.400.00£0.00
Operating Margin%
Mkt Cap£m1,254.250.001,296.811,500.991,593.552,721.183,143.452,503.33£m0.00
Dividend Per Sharep10.758.399.279.551,639.8310.9712.7713.16p0.00
DPS Growth%28.093.01(13.79)0.002.9511.6016.413.05%0.00
Dividend Yield%3.102.302.502.
Dividend Coverx0.910.980.931.141.261.0111.000.98x0.00
Shareholder Funds£m2,403.372,894.502,486.902,886.163,019.002,937.043,284.142,699.63£m0.00
Net Borrowings£m(415.43)0.00(444.92)(27.23)(44.10)373.85189.37(105.81)£m0.00
Net Assets£m2,403.372,894.502,486.902,886.163,019.002,937.043,284.142,699.63£m0.00
Net Assets P/S££0.00
Latest Forecast
Div Yield1.8%0.0%
Div Cover1.0%0.0%
Op Margin85.5%0.0%
Director Deals
Traded Action Notifier Price Amount Value
11-Oct-18BuyChristopher Samuel714.00p89£,635.46
03-Oct-18BuyGregor Stewart778.00p28£,217.84
03-Oct-18BuyChristopher Samuel778.00p20£,155.60
03-Oct-18BuyKarl Sternberg778.00p15£,116.70
02-Oct-18BuyKarl Sternberg770.07p31£,238.72
26-Jul-18BuyChristopher Samuel768.90p20,000£,153,780
04-Jul-18BuyGregor Stewart748.00p29£,216.92
04-Jul-18BuyChristopher Samuel748.00p19£,142.12
04-Jul-18BuyKarl Sternberg748.00p16£,119.68
03-Jul-18BuyKarl Sternberg744.96p32£,238.39
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335m    Major: 51%    Director: 0%
Notifier Holding Value
Christopher Samuel40,374Ģ,692.80
Gregor Stewart25,120´,864
Smith of Kelvin22,000ž,400
Karl Sternberg13,997d,778.40
Anthony L Brooke13,000],600
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Gearing & Cover
Broker Opinion
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