Industry & Sector Analysis

The majority of leading stocks are usually in leading industries. Studies have shown that 37% of a stock's price movement is directly tied to the performance of the industry group the stock is in. Another 12% is due to the strength of the overall sector. Therefore, roughly half of a stock's move is due to the strength of is respective group. Because specific industry groups lead each market cycle, you can see how critical it is to consider a stock's industry group before making a purchase.

Not only will ShareSense rank an industry's performance based on the price strength within that industry, but it also provides a quick and easy way to view companies within a chosen industry and then display a pop-up Tear Sheet that enables you to drill into a company's financial performance. This is yet another example of how ShareSense has been designed from an investor's perspective, and how one piece of the stock market jigsaw fits together with another.

Here we see the Industry and Sector Analysis screen, which is set to Industry Analysis and ranking the industries based on Price RS (Price Relative Strength):

You can then expand a particular Industry group to see the companies listed in that industry: