Your Summary

As an investor it is important that you keep abreast of the latest developments with companies you're invested in or considering investing in. But sometimes keeping on top of all that information and not missing something important can be difficult. If you're tracking a number of different companies, do you know the latest news released for those companies, financial results, calendar events or director buying/selling activity?

The purpose of ShareSense is to make an investor's life as easy as possible; the Summary screen does exactly that. The moment you log into ShareSense you are presented with a screen that keeps you informed of all the latest developments with companies on your Watch Lists. Immediately you will be aware of any news released for those companies, whether Directors have bought or sold shares in the company, any upcoming calendar events, and any financial results that have been released. ShareSense will even indicate which items are new since the last time you logged on, making it even easier to quickly see what's new.

All of this means it's incredibly easy to keep track of events concerning companies on your Watch List, a task that otherwise could be quite overwhelming.